Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ganesh Interview - Part II

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. Scary goose (the skeleton frame), Chimpanzee

Q. What brings you most happiness?
A.  Scary goose

Q.  What are you scared of?
A.  I am not scare of anything

Q.  What is the funniest word?
A.  Sussu, Potty, Bum

Q.  What is the hardest thing to do?
A.  Cut plastic

Q. Easiest thing?
A.  Playing

Q.  What makes you mad?
A.  Veer, Saxophone

Q.   What would you do when you have a lot of money?
A.   Buy matchboxes, But an i-phone with temple run and angry birds

Friday, June 21, 2013

Interview part one - Ganesh

This is inspired from Amber from Crappy pictures

Ganesh Interview:

What do you think I dream of?
You go up up up in the sky
Then go down down and down
Me: Where down?
Him: Just down
Then go left and then right
Me: where in the sky or in the down?
Him: left and right means the sides. Left side means left hand side and right side means right hand side (with respective hand actions)

What do you think which dress I like?

What do you think I do after you sleep?
You go for a walk, watch TV and sit on the computer. (He nailed this one :))

What do you think I do with my friends?
You play.
What do I play with them?
Hide and seek.

Introducing Mahesh

It is way too late, but introducing the younger one of our household - Mahesh. As tiny as he was at birth with 2.8 kgs, we knew that he will soon catch up with not just the weight, but the milestones as well, on time. He would wake up and tilt his mouth on left and right sides and his milky was readily available. In case of a few seconds delay, he would wait patiently, tilting his mouth on both the sides anyway. Thank you my sweetness for that.

I knew right from the moment he was introduced to me by the doctors, "Its a boy", displaying his little penis first and then only the face, that we will laugh a lot together. There was hardly anything in him to see, a tiny little blob that he was.

Ganesh peeped him from the side and said, amma, he is your child, and was worried about me, if my pain has subsided and if I need any massage to be soothed. We all settled together in no time. Mahesh patiently went through his ears piercing, even went for an outstation leisure trip and Annaprashana.

He does all the stunts like Ganesh and started sitting at seven months . He knocks at the neighbor's door as well. :)
My child, hope the fun and laughter never ends here and you grow up well and healthy. Not so soon though.
Its so true when they say, they are "blessed" with a child. We truly are.