Friday, June 21, 2013

Interview part one - Ganesh

This is inspired from Amber from Crappy pictures

Ganesh Interview:

What do you think I dream of?
You go up up up in the sky
Then go down down and down
Me: Where down?
Him: Just down
Then go left and then right
Me: where in the sky or in the down?
Him: left and right means the sides. Left side means left hand side and right side means right hand side (with respective hand actions)

What do you think which dress I like?

What do you think I do after you sleep?
You go for a walk, watch TV and sit on the computer. (He nailed this one :))

What do you think I do with my friends?
You play.
What do I play with them?
Hide and seek.

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  1. I am thankful to "Amber from Crappy pictures" for such a beautiful idea...... and wonderful to see you doing your own too... (i am all smiles..)

    There was another blog that I loved reading...