Thursday, December 2, 2010


Shiv has started going to office early and by that time Ganesh and I also would have finished the morning rituals and would be ready to step out. We go to a nearby ground where Shiv drops us on his way. Ganesh would claim that he wants to go to ground, but by the time we need to get out, he will start saying "Appa, come. Come to gound with me. Office na na." But we have to get out and wave bye, after which the boy will keep on asking that we should go to appa's office. I tried to explain him that appa and amma must go to office to work and that is how we make money. We need money to buy food, water, tickets to Wonderla, cubbon park, train, biscuits, chocolates, bun, joos... EVERYTHING.

Me: Do you want them or not?
Ganesh: Venda (Don't want)
Me: Do you want cubbon park on Saturday Sunday or not?
Ganesh: Venda
Me: "It will be boring"
Ganesh: Boye venam (wants bore)