Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have a boy

I am definitely not person who would stereotype gender. I make my 19 month old wear anklets, pink shirts, bangles, kajal, bindi and sometimes girly dresses. That my friends, is not going out of the way to prove that. That's because he is such a pretty boy and its irresistible to hold on to that temptation. But given the fact that I have a boy and almost (at least I feel) parented my sister too at this age, I feel there are some differences that make them what they are.
Yes, I am talking about women. Nature has it that boys will be boys from the earliest in their lives. I have proofs to support this statement.
Till today, he has been smitten by three women, in a span of one month. Not sure about the previous ones though because he never displayed such visible temperaments, may be because he was too small to express then. He is kind of child who will say "tata bubye" for "leave me alone" and even threatens to bite if the limits are crossed beyond his tolerance levels. Will not go to anybody and everybody who try to befriend him, even to a few people he has been seeing from the time he is born. He is comfortable in new places in our presence as long as he is not touched, carried or very strongly tried to be befriended.
There has been a sudden change in his pattern of behavior with the said women. From the moment he was introduced to them, he started addressing them immediately. If they give a little gesture of asking him to carry, he acknowledges immediately with a smile and allows to be taken. And display of his knowledge is carried out. Like today morning, a lady was out plucking flowers, he saw her and passed on a smile. She did not see him doing that, so he went near her and smiled once again. The lady acknowledged. He got encouraged and they had a customary introduction.
Ganesh: "Auntie, mango thee, chakkkai (pointing to mango tree and jackfruits). He started walking towards those trees and expected her to follow, but then she was in a hurry. She said bye, which he wasnt ready to say so soon. He continued to show pointing to a cat, "auntie.. poochai.. meow" and his current favorite flower, "auntie.. puple aappoo". "auntie.. bag"."auntie..paisha".She had to rush to office, so I had to carry him and start off, making him wave a bye.
A couple of weeks back, this very pretty college-going girl to whom he was smitten. After the introduction, he was like "oee akka (rohini akka)", and was surrounding her for the rest of two days (during a cousin's wedding), displaying his talents, showing her the trees and flowers with names he knows, making different animal and bird sounds, even refusing to come to me when the girl was visibly tired carrying him for around 20 minutes, putting her parents to wonder, as to why he is SO MUCH attracted to her. Hormones, I say.
All in all, I am happy that the ladies whom he has approached have taken time to genuinely acknowledge to his gestures. May this continue to happen all through his life. :D