Friday, August 13, 2010

Of Evil Eyes and such

People say that it exists, I do not believe in it. What I do believe is in the presence of divine, which is core of the very existence. To me, one form of that divine is love. And if somebody appreciates something, how can that be harmful? If that is the case, any child would be affected by mother's eyes all the time. And if somebody is jealous by nature, how can that jealousy be harmful to the subject? Its sad for the person as such for the feeling he or she unable to grow out of.

Ganesh's right hand was on the door pane, while he was switching on and off the kitchen light, when the door banged full-on on his middle and ring finger due to heavy wind, chopping off the top portions. My father-in-law was sitting right next to him. He was rushed to hospital and they did a surgery next day morning, taking skin from his bum and grafting it on the fingers. As nature has designed us to move-on, he did, immediately. He started playing the evening it happened and played the next day after he got up from the anaesthesia effect. It is unimaginable to even describe. Bruises, wounds, cuts, head bumps, all adorn the body of a child, but this is way too much for a 22 month old.

After a re-dressing (with anasthesia) this week, his dressing was removed completely today. My heart cries every moment. Everybody around seems to have come to terms with it, I am yet to. Not sure, if I ever will.

He was on a sling for a week, cooperating with us while putting it and tying up the string to it so that his arm is lifted up while he sleeps. He is kind of a child who would play in water all the time. He did not go near it even if he had the chance, because he was told not to.

Friends, bless him for his wellness, for I believe, good wishes and love last forever.