Thursday, February 24, 2011

A post on embarrassments

Rohini's post inspired me to write about my perspective on extended  breastfeeding. While the external suggestions are perinneal, they do really get on to one's head especially when it is told continuously and to individuals who are capable of making choices and know what works best for them and their children.

I exclusively breastfed my son until he was five months. My mother and mother-in-law tried to give him external food when he was three months old and there was a persistent effort on that to my irritation. Especially when it was tried in my absence.
My mother would say, "Your milk is like water, how would that be sufficient."
Me: As long as he seems to be ok, I will continue.
This was the time when I was engorged and had fountains of milk flowing out. Yes, I knew that the boy is not lacking on its supply and never doubted even once.
Mother-in-law: "How will his stomach grow  without external solids"
Me (looking at my tummy and thinking): I wish atleast he has a flat tummy for a longer time.
I had two people who were with me to deal with constantly.
My final weapon dialogue to both of them. "Let me also experience the child rearing thing."
I think because of that, dealing with external world became quite easy. Smile and ignore. Thank you very much.

I was all set to nurse Ganesh as long as he wanted and to my dismay, he stopped it gradually on his own when he turned one. Now he doesn't even remember he being on boobs. I even tried to force nurse him. He had four teeth above and four below in the front and he knew exactly how to deal with me. Ouch. I stopped. I had to.

The point people bring up about the embarrassment factor, I would anyday vote for  extended nursing because the child is asking for it when hungry or for comfort. I am sure that will stop when the supply stops or when they no longer feel the need for it. I used to call Ganesh "Barbie Doll" among one of the so-many so-many names, when he was say, 14-15 months. One year later, I don't know how and why he associates this term with boobs, pointing at them and saying in as-a-matter-of-factly manner, "Barbie doll". Fortunately or unfortunately, also with the ladies he is comfortable with. The children will never fail to embarrass you, I would have been happier if he continued to ask for nursing rather than seeing such days, especially in front of people, that too when he has the word "chest" in his vocabulary.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Of guilt trips!

I leave home brutally quiet each morning and listen Ganesh calling "Amma" followed with a wail and his grandparents telling him that she has gone to office. He says crying, "Amma office ponam". :(
We go out each morning, have our time together, basically hanging out checking the dirty streams of water that flows throughout Bangalore. His current obsession, he only knows why. We check one near the Golf view campus, followed with some hanging, swinging, sliding session in the park. We also go and 'touch' the BIIG water tank near the park. He doesnt want to come home after that, coz he knows that all we will do is take bath, have breakfast and I will head to office. I would tell him about office thingy and all I get is a more clinging child. Very recently, I even said a firm bye and got out as the experts suggest, but he followed me not just wailing and begging not to leave, but I left. FIL told he cried continuously for forty minutes. After that once again hide-and-seek.

I am so embarrassed that I forgot the husband's birthday. I really thought its on Tuesday but it happened to be on Monday. He gets a call at 12:30 am and there I was cursing that his friends have no time-sense whatsoever and went on saying all are same. Then morning showers of calls, my family, cousins everybody. I checkout the calendar and you-know-what-expression.