Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drawing Spirits

There was this "Drawing Competition" organized for the entire neighborhood children marking the end of Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations. The communication to us was somehow missed but as Ganesh and I are mostly out in the neighborhood during mornings and we saw the event happening from the terrace. We came home immediately got ready and went there, but we were among the last ones to reach. Most of the children had left by then, but a few children who were there happily shared their crayons and waited for Ganesh to finish his random lines with white crayons on white paper! I tried to change the color of the crayon but he changed it back to white! One of the kids helped him making flower and such, and this activity kept him engaged for five minutes. This according to me was not even qualifying for a "competition" but it was happily submitted as an entry and it was pasted in the venue among the other entries of 2-5 years category.

There was the felicitation ceremony with some cultural programs in the evening, in which all the children had to participate. The first category being 2-5 years, then 6-10 years and 11-15 years. All the children were being called by names. Ganesh also promptly ran to the stage, seeing the proceedings. He went to collect the gift before his name was called and held himself back when the child whose turn it was, collected hers, backing himself off when his name was called. I had to ask him to go and collect. The radiant happiness in his face while collecting and shaking hands with the gentlemen on stage would have glown one dark room! As the lady who was announcing correctly said, "Judging the paintings was just a formality. It was the participation which was important. Please give a loud round of applause to all the children. We are so lucky to have them."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I love about being with you

The way you express your love. Pinching both my cheeks, coming close and kissing.

"Amma mele taachi" Want to lay down on top of me, when unable to go back to sleep in the middle of the night. The feel of your eyelashes on my neck during that time.

Calling amma for every excitement of yours. Be it spotting the "Big Dish" (DTH Service dishes on rooftops) or a "paaida" (spider) or "Sooo many pijins" or "ejjauth fan" (Exhaust fan) for the zillionth time.

Calling amma for the minutest of distress. Falling down, being hit or anybody scolding or for that matter amma scolding you.

Calling me "Meenu". You know that I will not stop you from calling me by name. You will look at your father after calling me that with a smile, for his disapproval.

Not allowing anybody to even look at you, when I am present. Reporting every instance of somebody looking at you, talking to you or trying to carry you, be it your grandparents,  father or anybody. Ensuring that only I lift you when I am around.

You start walking when I tell that my arm is aching carrying you. I will carry you as much as I can, coz you will grow way too soon than I am ready for. You stop crying when I say I will also cry. Well, I know thats mean, but nothing really works sometimes.

Your dramas, tantrums, crocodile tears, running to sofa to lay down and cry. You throwing more fits on my suggestion of crying on the bed like heroines.

Your jumps and hops. You coming running to me in the evening on my return to home from work.

You demanding rather ordering what you want. Amma "dosa na na", "idli na na", "chappati na na", "upma na na", "pongal na na", "mammam na na", "adai na na", "Ing na na"... "maggi venam", "chocolate venam", "joos venam"

You using words tactically and innocently for your benefit. Making everybody laugh and laughing yourself.

I love you being a thoughtful and mature person. You know when to joke and limit it to fun only. Thats your character of maintaining respect and love with everybody. You remembering and revising everybody's name (huge extended family and lot of our friends and their children). Ensuring to call them like that when we meet. No wonder everybody is so fond of you.