Thursday, October 29, 2009

It happens only in Bangalore

  •  Experiencing Left hand drive - Suddenly the pedestrians have to look to their left first and right later on while crossing the road. Why? The traffic is diverted to move as per the opposite of basic rule and this gives a US style drive feel. Expats from US won't miss that country drive any more being here. All they have to do is keep coming to Garuda Mall.

  • Traffic signal on top of a flyover - Aren't flyovers made to avoid the cumbersome long duration signals? Earlier there used to be a cop to direct the traffic, now they have come up with the innovative idea of traffic signal there and to add to it, there are speed breakers also on it :). Anyhting to beat that?
And like the Lombard Street in San Francisco which was made that way out of sheer necessity, turned out to be a tourist attraction due to the weird idea behind it. These two points in Bangalore are a must-visit to see the basic design flaws.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A serious conversation

Vicky, a six year old boy and one of Ganesh's friends is trying to consistently teach him to do a thumb's down action for the word "girls". When I saw that, I was surprised and asked him.
Me: What's that?
Vicky: Girls are like that only.
Me: AAAuuuye (Tamil villan style) and what am I?
Vicky (with a serious expression): You are not a girl (after a pause) You are a woman!