Monday, August 31, 2009


A car just overtook me just missing me by few inches. I saw the driver who was a good looking young chap wearing shades. He HAD to stop as the signal turned red and there was cop standing at the other end. As I reached closer to the car, it read:
YES! My dad owns the road...

Lost innocence?

Its scary how professionalism is affecting the world. To the level that its attacking the childhood and its innocence :( . Just came across this

Friday, August 21, 2009

A-Z Tag for the first blog

Its been VERY long that I am here in the Internet world, but if my sister wasn't there, I wouldn't have worked up my lazy mind to start off blogging. :) So starting off whith tagging myself with this A-Z things about myself as a detailed introduction of mine. Here it goes...

A - Art, Architecture. I appreciate art and creativity quite a lot and dream of owning or doing myself at least one original piece of painting or a photograph.

B - Books. I have been surrounded by them all my life and I dread the syllabus books to the core. As long as they are novels or cookery books, I am game and would finish them in fastest possible time-frame.
I would say my father has done double 10th, 12th and graduation along with me apart from his own. Given a choice he would have done a double PG, but luckily I was in hostel and was saved of him trying to inspire me by reading them.

C - Chandigarh. I am obsessed about this place so much so that my friends in US named me "Miss Chandigarh" after listening to my comparison of a Garden with Rose Garden (Chandigarh), roads, sceneries and what not. That implies to my family also, when my parents, myself and my sister were comparing each and every corner of Singapore with each sector of Chandigarh.

D - Desi. This is the best word to describe me. Sophistication and womanish elegance literally run away from me. Though I have tried to lower my volume, walk and talk slowly in a sweetest manner but that just doesn’t work for me. My friends (who are guys) have told me that they don’t feel that they are with a girl when we hang-out. I admit that this is the worst ever compliment I have received because this challenges my basic gender existence which I am really proud of.

E - Environment. I feel sad when I see people knowingly and unknowingly so irresponsible towards such a perfectly balanced system. I am doing everything possible at individual level for its conservation. Me and my colleague (Shweta) would do our best at office to involve everybody in this endeavor even though they feel pain in their backs.

F - Family, Food, Friends. What's life without them?

G - Ghosts (Poochandi: term usually used when kids wouldn't do whatever was required out of them!). I could not even sleep alone in the night without a light on and the related imagination had hit its creative best when I was twenty-six years old. I fought with this fear consciously when I was pregnant and am out of it completely.

H - Husband. I have been a very independent person throughout my life and never felt a need of companionship. I got married for reasons unknown to me (read parental pressure!). Now, I cannot imagine my life without my life-partner. I am lucky to have got such a loving, patient, understanding and supportive person.

I - Ice-creams. Slurp-slurp. Yum-yum.

J - Jealousy. My sister and I try to make each other jealous by exaggerated projection of every single instance of achievement or attainment. Both of us laugh out loud on each other's silly attempts each time.

K - Knowledge. Improves a person's outlook and I yearn for it.

L - Love. I am lucky to have received all possible variations of this emotion and thank the Supreme always for it. I seek blessings so that I receive this endlessly till the end of my life.

M - Money. It is needed to buy the most basic comfort of entertainment and that’s the only reason I work full-time.

N - Nature. I am an avid nature lover. I enjoy going for a walk in the morning to see the sunrise, hear the birds chirping, flowers blooming with dew-drops on them and feel the cool fresh air. This makes my day and my life.
When I feel lazy, my early-riser-bored-playing-for-one-hour-in-room baby ensures that I get up and take him out!

O - Obsession for cleanliness. Need I say more?

P - Parenting, which is my Passion. This has brought the best out of me. I have never been so responsible in my life. It was a difficult pregnancy and every moment of pain is worth Ganesh baby. Each day is a surprise and I do everything funny to see a smile in his such a small and cute face. He has brought confidence in me that I can take care of him, the way he wants. Each milestone of his is like an achievement in itself for me. How I wish I could slow down the time to see his growth in slow motion. My baby is moving towards toddlerhood so fast.

Q - Quarter. This word irritates my husband (Shiv) when I use it like below.
Shiv (in the morning, with the cloth eye-shade on): Meenu, what’s the time?
Me: "quarter to nine" or "quarter past eight"
Shiv: Angrez. Can't you say it properly?
Me: Why don't you see the time on your own then?
Shiv: Pleeaaassse.
Me: Ok. 8:45 or 8:15.

R - Ramya, Lakshmi, Lakku, Lakshma, Puttu, tuttu or whatever comes in mind. My cute little sister and my non-biological daughter. She is my confidante, my strength and the loveliest thing happened in my life.

S - Stratosphere. I have tried world's craziest rides on earth. I literally died and returned. A group of people were so entertained seeing me trembling and screaming with fear that they not only forgot their own fear but also laughed through the rides. They even offered sponsoring the tickets for another set of rides to me!

T - Tadka, punjabi vaala. I love north-indian fare, preparing as well as eating. It brings in a sense of satisfaction and life is worth living for it :).

U - Unsure. I am, most of the times.

V - Vegetarianism. I have been brought up as one. I have extended the list by deciding not to buy leather, honey and silk any more. I hope I will be able to add milk products also in this list.

W - Windows OS. My work. It’s a love-hate relationship, but I cannot imagine my work-life without it. I love its ease of concepts, configuration and administration. I hate the ease as it is easy to forget also.

X - Xylophone. I can play the tunes of "Happy Birthday to you" song and "Mary had a little lamb" on my son's xylophone.

Y - Yuck. Too much Plastic, Pollution, Garbage, Crime and Hatred around. We need a massive education on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and mental cleanup.

Z - Zzz - I love sleeping and the basic thing I need. When I am bored while watching a movie in a theatre, I sleep. I sleep and induce dreams, when I am frustrated or in some types of anger. I sleep when I have nothing to do and enjoy each moment of it.

I would like to Tag Usha, Arunima, Eman and Maggie whom I have been following for long time :). They would know me as ~Meenakshy