Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maar hi daaloge

I do whatever it takes to reach home by 6:15 pm. Rain or not. The moment I open the door, Ganesh comes running, jumps on me and hugs. One rainy evening by the time I reached home, I was completely drenched and had to forego my usual treat. So I informed him that I am completely drenched and cannot carry or hug him until I change. He touches me, runs inside and gets a towel.
"Inda amma, todachuko. Sheriaayudum." (Take this amma, wipe yourself. You will be ok)
Shiv, generally feels that the mother-son love as TOO MUCH. I just could not wait to narrate this story to see his reaction (that "maar hi daaloge" expression), topped with the dialogue, "Learn something from your son." ;)

Ganesh's favorite colour is Orange. Breakfast time. He is given dosa with greens, which he was not enjoying too much which was evident from the speed of consumption. I started eating with Orange color leftover chutney and wooed him to eat with that. The entire content was transferred to his plate. He runs to the kitchen and opens the fridge. Shiv asks, "Ganesh, fridge ae ennattukku thorandel ?"(why have you opened the fridge)
Ganesh, "Amma ku Orange chutney podanam" (serve the orange colour chutney to amma too)
I looked at husband immediately, not to miss his expression. :D

These gestures from the child will be cherished forever. I don't think I even deserve them. But I do deserve to see Shiv's funny expressions.