Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ganesh's interest in percussions is still going strong. So while he is at it, Shiv thinks that he should be going to some class where he will be allowed to just sit and watch, may be for half an hour for a couple of times in a month. While enquiring for him at Purandara Bhavan, I got to know about other instruments and vocal classes. Because of their stringent age criteria of seven, I considered joining Hindustani classical for myself. When I communicated this to Shiv, he said, "I wish you join the Mridangam classes and teach him."
Me: I thought I will sing and he will play mridangam. ;)
Shiv: What? May be I should join the mridangam class and start teaching him.
Me: PLEASE. I don't think its a nice idea. People coming up with age criteria for starting, there must be some sense in it.
Shiv: Hmm
Me: Why don't you join voilin class and we can all perform together. JUST IMAGINE (with the dream-come-true-sparkle-in-the-eyes tone)
Shiv (Embarrased with the thought itself): Leave me alone for sometime.


  1. The very thought itself is so scary.... the audience for once will be ready to PAY requesting NOT TO PLAY ;)