Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Art of conversations

As Ganesh is growing up, it is a pleasure talking to the little person that he is. The clarity in his priorities and interests makes very interesting conversations with him.

He has a lot of interest in percussion instruments and enjoys watching different videos of concerts on the internet.  Even in live performances, he focuses more on percussionists. I asked him what he likes most. Mridangam, Chendai, Drums, Tabla or Ghatam.
Ganesh: "Thavil dhaan aettom pidikkum" (I like Thavil the most)
Me: :)

5:30 am. Milk time. He generally gets milk at room temparature and continues to sleep after that. One day, he had mild cough and had bouts of cough in the middle of the night too. That morning, I informed him that he will get warm milk. Fellow doesnt like the idea and tries to negotiate. In the process, he loses his sleep and further negotiates not wanting to have the warm milk. After being left with no choice,  he had to have it and immediately after that, he has a bout of cough.
Ganesh: "Paaru amma. Chood-a tinnuttum koraikkardu" (See amma. Even after eating it warm, I am coughing and repeats this statement for a couple of more times)
I had no other choice than to hold him tightly and kiss him on his forehead.

During one of the morning walks, he observes a person going on motorcycle and asks, "Shivakumar-te bike illaya?" (Why doesn't Shivakumar have a bike?). I replied," He had one, but somebody stole it."
He gets angry and throws expletives,"We should hit and fix him. We should hand him over to the police. We should leave him with the ducks."
(We take time to see what the ducks do at Manipal Hospital garden area during every visit there. So whenever he throws tantrums, I say, "I will leave you with the ducks and you eat what they eat.")
As much as I laughed at it, I thought to myself, if I am using right words with him when it is difficult to deal with him :(.


  1. In my opinion, i feel that it is not good to let children know the darker side of society. During the earlier years, they need to feel safe and trust their parents. Fear and vulnerability will act as an detriment to their confidence.

    Our world is already cruel, please don't be harsh on the child. My brother really got lost once but because of a good auto driver he got back safely. Sometimes what we say playfully comes true.

  2. LoL!!

    As usual, very interesting.. Ganesh is sure catchin up fast.. :)

  3. @Surya: I feel they need to be taught about age appropriate not-so-nice things that happen around early itself so that they are reasonably aware of the cruel world and things do not shock them. As a parent, there is always a dilemma, which is normal and I just expressed that.
    @Anand: :)